Who are you voting for?

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Election season. A time where you get to see who people really are. The hate comes out in all forms and 2 Americas come out of hiding as they fight to see who wins! Romney vs. Obama. Republicans vs. Democrats. Rich vs. Poor. It’s politics! We’re all used to is by now. I have, however, become more disturbed lately with the lack of choice I’m presented.

As a black man, who lives in a black neighborhood, and watches/listens to black media, I am not presented with both sides of the story. I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around for others, but I can only speak for me. I think the system is damaged beyond repair. I pretty much have one candidate to vote for, and anyone who opposes that pick is SHUNNED. I don’t like that. Is it about my right to vote and the freedom of choice, or is it about who YOU want me to choose?

I am grateful for the right to vote, and for those who sacrificed so much so that I can have that right, but I believe a right to do something also gives you the same right to not do so. Is it really wrong if I choose not to vote? It’s my right. People want you to exercise your right to vote for ONE REASON: So that who they want to win, has a better shot at winning. Why should I be forced to vote if I can’t make a decision on who to vote for? I totally understand people that willfully choose to not vote, even though I will be voting.



I will not discuss who I am voting for and why on this blog, because it’s none of your business. I think the way people vote needs to be changed. No more “because my momma” votes. No more uneducated assumptions. We need to have the issues laid out clearly, and allow people to choose what’s best for them. What do you guys think? 



AJ Curry, Ant Wilson, B Brad, Leeks

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Before you read this post, just know that I have a broken foot and haven’t been able to do much lately, so watching sports is ALL I HAVE!

The Cleveland Browns. They suck. Bad. Really bad. They find ways to lose when they should win. Kickers look like they’re point shaving. Long snappers, REALLY?!?! A long snapper loses a game… Only for the Browns. We have no skill players that are better than me, and I suck at football. Our QB is probably the 38-40th best QB in the league and he starts (There are 32 NFL teams).  And before all you stans come out and try to bash me, and say we’re rebuilding, EFF ALL THAT!!You don’t rebuild for 13 years!

I am 26 years old, born and raised in Cleveland, and have never seen a good Browns team in my life time that I can remember. I’ve seen good Indians teams, good Cavs teams, good Rockers teams (WNBA), Cleveland State was good last year, but not ONE good Browns team. Decent doesn’t equal good. The Cavs and Indians haven’t won championships, but they have TRIED!!! I don’t even think the Browns try. LOOK at our STARTING Quarterbacks since the expansion draft:

Tim Couch (Number 1 pick, terrible QB, from Kentucky….REALLY?!?! a QB from UK), Tye Detmer, life long back up Doug Pederson, Kelly Holcomb (No comment because I actually liked him. I was brainwashed), Spergon Wynn (picked over Tom Brady, like the Cavs picked Vitaly Potapenko over KOBE!), Jeff Garcia (over the hill by then),  Luke McCown (idk who that even is), Trent Dilfer (Hated Cleveland, we hated him too), Charlie Frye (from the Wack MAC), Derek Anderson (Worst Probowl QB EVER, actually played well that yr though, should have played college bball), Brady Quinn (Notre Dames finest failure), Ken Dorsey, Bruce Gradkiwski (kill me now), Jake Delhomme (old), Seneca Wallace (a poor mans Tebow), and Colt McCoy (Noodle arms).

That’s 16 QB’s in 13 years. Lets not even talk about the SCRUBS these bad QB’s had to throw to. The best we had was Braylon and Kellen. So we got rid of them. Our only pro-bowl receiver since 1989. He had drop issues, but he made big plays. Now Kellen was an idiot, but if you aren’t gonna take his contract away after the motorcycle accident, you should ride it out with him. Let’s not mention the staph infection that almost killed the whole team!!! Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?

We never draft skill players. I don’t care about Joe Thomas, he’s not going to win games. I know you stans are gonna hang me for saying that, but I don’t care. We’ve only had 1 Rookie of the year on O or D in franchise HISTORY! Not good for a team that CONSTANTLY has top picks. We could have Andy Dalton, AJ Green, so many others. What happened to Shaun Rogers?!? He even stops drunk drivers!

After all this crap I just wrote, I’m still a Browns fan. I HATE them tho. I love them tho. I just want them to do well. I know they will get it together one day. They will NEVER be good! This is the internal struggle that this team causes me daily. We’re so bad, we have one sided rivalries, because the other teams care nothing about us.

No, I don’t really know a ton about football, and I never played so my opinion holds no water. But I don’t CARE!!! I do know that the point of sports teams is to win games, and we aren’t accomplishing that.

I was born a Browns fan. My mom was at the stadium pregnant with me watching games. I didn’t chose this life, but I am about that life. Browns, please help my life by winning sometime soon.




Oh, and EFF Peyton Hillis too.

Troy Davis

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Yesterday was a sad day in American History. RIP Troy Davis. Lets read all the facts though. Troy Davis was convicted of an earlier shooting that same night, and the shell casings found @ the scene of both crimes match. Same gun. Now a cop was killed. RIP to Officer McPhail. Does that mean Troy Davis did it, not necessarily. Doesn’t excuse Troy Davis from running around shooting people! Now the burden was on the prosecutor to prove guilt, since we are all “presumed innocent” (yeah right). This is why I am against the death penalty, because the fact that men are involved makes any system flawed on the basis of human error. Who are we to kill a murderer… MURDERERS!!! Just my opinion, and I’m sure in some situations I would probably feel different, but I Digress.

Troy Davis

Let’s all learn a lesson from this. As a minority, you are guilty until proven innocent. We have to be careful & stay out of dumb situations, and then the justice system can’t screw you over!  Not saying Troy Davis was innocent or guilty, but to run around shooting people, he put himself in a very bad situation. Let’s avoid these types of situations, knowing that we as minorities are judged more harshly than our counterparts. Just look at the laws on Crack Cocaine and Powder Cocaine, and we know which type of people use the variations of those drugs. We’ve come a long way since slavery, because at least now we have a chance to do something with ourselves, but know that our road to success is paved with the same obstacles as everyone’s, plus extra obstacles placed there to keep us down. We have to work harder than and smarter to be successful.

Case Western: The U in Cleveland.

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With all the scandals that have been unveiled in Miami with the U and Booster Nevin Shapiro, I feel compelled to reveal the truth about some activities that have taken place at my Alma Mater Case Western Reserve University. Boosters running rampant, midget strippers in the dorms, and parties under the moniker ‘Σ Fly’, all sponsored by one man, super booster Michael “Old School” Reilly. Yes folks,

this man!

"Super Booster"
This is the man behind it all.

Affectionately called “Old School Mike”, Reilly  has made his fortunes through hard work, not illegally like Shapiro. Reilly has homes throughout the Cleveland area and became interested in Case sports because of his proximity to the campus. There are reports of parties that were hosted at Reilly’s properties to entertain undergraduate athletes. One athlete (who requested anonymity) told us “Old school runs everything. Anything shaking on campus goes through him. The school knows, they just don’t say anything, heck he has a sign in the gym during basketball games!!”

There are also reports that Reilly has given money to students for things such as pizza, wings, beer, and Gatorades in the Veale center. There are multiple reports that Reilly is spotted on campus multiple times a week, always near the athletic facilities. A Korean graduate of the school (who requested anonymity named Dan Sunwoo) told us “Old school’s has been balling in the gym with us for as long as I can remember, and if you think at the end of a game, I’m going to turn down a Gatorade, you’re CRAZY!!!”

Reilly has been spotted out as well with undergrads on Coventry and West 6th bars. There Are even reports that Reilly was spotted in Vegas with Case Athletes as well as a player from Jacksonville State. One of them was reported as saying “Yeah Old school took us to Vegas, so what?!? We had a blast, all expenses paid by Old school!”

Taken in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Left to Right: Dan Sunwoo (anonymous), B Brad, Lamont, AJ, unknown lady, Q Mathis, Anthony Wilson (Jacksonville State), Old School Mike

The Case Western Reserve Athletic Director, and coaches declined comment. A former coach from Case who wants to be called only “Todd” for fear of retribution told us “This is bigger than you guys think. It crosses NCAA Divisions, and is in multiple states. These guys look up to Old School as a father figure because he takes care of them like his own children.

Another report shows that Old School used his influence to get a number of players to attend Case Western to play sports. Among those players are Sean Nicely, Brandon Rolle, and Funso Lafe who attended Hawken (the same school that Old Schools children are reported to attend). Nicely, Lafe, and Rolle declined comment.

Old School also declined to comment.  The CWRU has some explaining to do…

Comment Folks,


Cleveland Sports Update

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What’s Goodie Swimwearians! Me, I’m just chillin. Just got home from visiting the  co-founder of this blog, Quinton Mathis, in Seattle. Let me just tell you, Seattle is an amazing city, it has a great blend of city life & the great outdoors within reach of its inhabitants. They even have a Browns backers bar with the Browns games on there every Sunday (Yeah, the Orange and Brown are everywhere). I will definitely be visiting again once the rainy season is over.


So I was in Seattle watching the Browns Game on NFL Red Zone (Best TV Invention Ever) and I really thought we were going to pull it off. Shout out to The Jets Kicker Nick Folk for trying to get signed by the Browns by missing 3 kicks wide right. As Colt Led that drive and got us to overtime, I was EXCITED. After we lost the coin toss, DEFLATED. Then we get the ball and Colt works his magic again. And then there was Stuckey.

Notice the Jersey he has on in the picture. I mean we all are guilty of getting a little greedy, but that single mistake took us from 4-5 to 3-6. Stuckey definitely needs to get dropped off in Garden Vally (Cleveland Projects) along with Eric Wrong (Wright). Wright constantly gets burned and picks BAD angles. In all seriousness though, Stuckey’s play was tolerable and just a mistake. Eric Wright SUCKS!! We also should have batted down that interception, and ran on first down in the last series, but hindsight is 20/20 & no guts no glory right?


The Cavs are a respectable 4-5 heading into tonight’s game vs. the Seventy Sucksers (76ers). We are 3-1 on the road which is great. We also have most of of roster health for now which should improve our team tremendously. I’m still sticking with my prediction of the Cavs as the 7th or 8th Seed in the Eastern Conference. We have 5 players averaging double figures (not including Varejao’s 9.6ppg and Parkers 8.7), and we play a solid brand of defense. Remember, we had the best defensive team in the league, with Bron Guarding Pietrus.

Other NBA:

Now my last name is Curry, so we all know I claim Steph Curry as my cousin, and he’s having a great season thus far, but he needs some of THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<——- Click Here! I mean he has been crossed up and fell twice this season. This is the only solution to his problems LOL. Here are the two links to his broken ankles, and PLEASE watch the video on the Facebook link above. Shout out to Mike Leeks for getting me hip to this second video clip.

CLIP 1 Via Eric Gordon

CLIP 2 via Brandon Jennings

Random Rant:

Why did they put the auto flush on seated toilets?!? I get it on Urinals, but on the regular ones, its a pain!! I was in the airport takin a dump and i mover to the right and the toilet just went HAYWIRE!! Not to mention it ate two seat covers before I even sat down because I was “activating the sensor”!! That’s some trash.

The DEVIL!!!

Anywho, Check out my Boy Ryan Jone’s Blog on how to look good at http://lookneat.blogspot.com

and COMMENT!!!

Sewn Witchall,


Would you……

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What’s up Swimwearians,

Sometimes me and my friends get bored and we ask stupid questions like “For $5000 dollars, would you…” and you can imagine how far that goes. So for this I want the men that read this blog to vote and comment and I want the ladies to give their comments as well.

Fellas, for $10,000 dollars, would you get your belly button pierced? LOL!!!! Here are the stipulations:

1. You have to have it in for a month.

2. You have to go play pick up basketball with your friends with no shirt on once a week.

3. You couldn’t tell your friends why you did it for 5 months.

Please vote below, and send me any other “Would you rather questions you may have at ajheem12@gmail.com.  SWIMWEAR!!!