Would you……

What’s up Swimwearians,

Sometimes me and my friends get bored and we ask stupid questions like “For $5000 dollars, would you…” and you can imagine how far that goes. So for this I want the men that read this blog to vote and comment and I want the ladies to give their comments as well.

Fellas, for $10,000 dollars, would you get your belly button pierced? LOL!!!! Here are the stipulations:

1. You have to have it in for a month.

2. You have to go play pick up basketball with your friends with no shirt on once a week.

3. You couldn’t tell your friends why you did it for 5 months.

Please vote below, and send me any other “Would you rather questions you may have at ajheem12@gmail.com.  SWIMWEAR!!!


~ by swimwearian on October 14, 2010.

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