Cleveland Sports Update

What’s Goodie Swimwearians! Me, I’m just chillin. Just got home from visiting the  co-founder of this blog, Quinton Mathis, in Seattle. Let me just tell you, Seattle is an amazing city, it has a great blend of city life & the great outdoors within reach of its inhabitants. They even have a Browns backers bar with the Browns games on there every Sunday (Yeah, the Orange and Brown are everywhere). I will definitely be visiting again once the rainy season is over.


So I was in Seattle watching the Browns Game on NFL Red Zone (Best TV Invention Ever) and I really thought we were going to pull it off. Shout out to The Jets Kicker Nick Folk for trying to get signed by the Browns by missing 3 kicks wide right. As Colt Led that drive and got us to overtime, I was EXCITED. After we lost the coin toss, DEFLATED. Then we get the ball and Colt works his magic again. And then there was Stuckey.

Notice the Jersey he has on in the picture. I mean we all are guilty of getting a little greedy, but that single mistake took us from 4-5 to 3-6. Stuckey definitely needs to get dropped off in Garden Vally (Cleveland Projects) along with Eric Wrong (Wright). Wright constantly gets burned and picks BAD angles. In all seriousness though, Stuckey’s play was tolerable and just a mistake. Eric Wright SUCKS!! We also should have batted down that interception, and ran on first down in the last series, but hindsight is 20/20 & no guts no glory right?


The Cavs are a respectable 4-5 heading into tonight’s game vs. the Seventy Sucksers (76ers). We are 3-1 on the road which is great. We also have most of of roster health for now which should improve our team tremendously. I’m still sticking with my prediction of the Cavs as the 7th or 8th Seed in the Eastern Conference. We have 5 players averaging double figures (not including Varejao’s 9.6ppg and Parkers 8.7), and we play a solid brand of defense. Remember, we had the best defensive team in the league, with Bron Guarding Pietrus.

Other NBA:

Now my last name is Curry, so we all know I claim Steph Curry as my cousin, and he’s having a great season thus far, but he needs some of THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<——- Click Here! I mean he has been crossed up and fell twice this season. This is the only solution to his problems LOL. Here are the two links to his broken ankles, and PLEASE watch the video on the Facebook link above. Shout out to Mike Leeks for getting me hip to this second video clip.

CLIP 1 Via Eric Gordon

CLIP 2 via Brandon Jennings

Random Rant:

Why did they put the auto flush on seated toilets?!? I get it on Urinals, but on the regular ones, its a pain!! I was in the airport takin a dump and i mover to the right and the toilet just went HAYWIRE!! Not to mention it ate two seat covers before I even sat down because I was “activating the sensor”!! That’s some trash.

The DEVIL!!!

Anywho, Check out my Boy Ryan Jone’s Blog on how to look good at

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Sewn Witchall,



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