Case Western: The U in Cleveland.


With all the scandals that have been unveiled in Miami with the U and Booster Nevin Shapiro, I feel compelled to reveal the truth about some activities that have taken place at my Alma Mater Case Western Reserve University. Boosters running rampant, midget strippers in the dorms, and parties under the moniker ‘Σ Fly’, all sponsored by one man, super booster Michael “Old School” Reilly. Yes folks,

this man!

"Super Booster"
This is the man behind it all.

Affectionately called “Old School Mike”, Reilly  has made his fortunes through hard work, not illegally like Shapiro. Reilly has homes throughout the Cleveland area and became interested in Case sports because of his proximity to the campus. There are reports of parties that were hosted at Reilly’s properties to entertain undergraduate athletes. One athlete (who requested anonymity) told us “Old school runs everything. Anything shaking on campus goes through him. The school knows, they just don’t say anything, heck he has a sign in the gym during basketball games!!”

There are also reports that Reilly has given money to students for things such as pizza, wings, beer, and Gatorades in the Veale center. There are multiple reports that Reilly is spotted on campus multiple times a week, always near the athletic facilities. A Korean graduate of the school (who requested anonymity named Dan Sunwoo) told us “Old school’s has been balling in the gym with us for as long as I can remember, and if you think at the end of a game, I’m going to turn down a Gatorade, you’re CRAZY!!!”

Reilly has been spotted out as well with undergrads on Coventry and West 6th bars. There Are even reports that Reilly was spotted in Vegas with Case Athletes as well as a player from Jacksonville State. One of them was reported as saying “Yeah Old school took us to Vegas, so what?!? We had a blast, all expenses paid by Old school!”

Taken in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Left to Right: Dan Sunwoo (anonymous), B Brad, Lamont, AJ, unknown lady, Q Mathis, Anthony Wilson (Jacksonville State), Old School Mike

The Case Western Reserve Athletic Director, and coaches declined comment. A former coach from Case who wants to be called only “Todd” for fear of retribution told us “This is bigger than you guys think. It crosses NCAA Divisions, and is in multiple states. These guys look up to Old School as a father figure because he takes care of them like his own children.

Another report shows that Old School used his influence to get a number of players to attend Case Western to play sports. Among those players are Sean Nicely, Brandon Rolle, and Funso Lafe who attended Hawken (the same school that Old Schools children are reported to attend). Nicely, Lafe, and Rolle declined comment.

Old School also declined to comment.  The CWRU has some explaining to do…

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2 Responses to “Case Western: The U in Cleveland.”

  1. I always knew he was up to something!! He used to be around all the time!!!

  2. HAHAHA, nice J

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