Troy Davis

Yesterday was a sad day in American History. RIP Troy Davis. Lets read all the facts though. Troy Davis was convicted of an earlier shooting that same night, and the shell casings found @ the scene of both crimes match. Same gun. Now a cop was killed. RIP to Officer McPhail. Does that mean Troy Davis did it, not necessarily. Doesn’t excuse Troy Davis from running around shooting people! Now the burden was on the prosecutor to prove guilt, since we are all “presumed innocent” (yeah right). This is why I am against the death penalty, because the fact that men are involved makes any system flawed on the basis of human error. Who are we to kill a murderer… MURDERERS!!! Just my opinion, and I’m sure in some situations I would probably feel different, but I Digress.

Troy Davis

Let’s all learn a lesson from this. As a minority, you are guilty until proven innocent. We have to be careful & stay out of dumb situations, and then the justice system can’t screw you over!  Not saying Troy Davis was innocent or guilty, but to run around shooting people, he put himself in a very bad situation. Let’s avoid these types of situations, knowing that we as minorities are judged more harshly than our counterparts. Just look at the laws on Crack Cocaine and Powder Cocaine, and we know which type of people use the variations of those drugs. We’ve come a long way since slavery, because at least now we have a chance to do something with ourselves, but know that our road to success is paved with the same obstacles as everyone’s, plus extra obstacles placed there to keep us down. We have to work harder than and smarter to be successful.


~ by swimwearian on September 22, 2011.

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