Who are you voting for?

Election season. A time where you get to see who people really are. The hate comes out in all forms and 2 Americas come out of hiding as they fight to see who wins! Romney vs. Obama. Republicans vs. Democrats. Rich vs. Poor. It’s politics! We’re all used to is by now. I have, however, become more disturbed lately with the lack of choice I’m presented.

As a black man, who lives in a black neighborhood, and watches/listens to black media, I am not presented with both sides of the story. I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around for others, but I can only speak for me. I think the system is damaged beyond repair. I pretty much have one candidate to vote for, and anyone who opposes that pick is SHUNNED. I don’t like that. Is it about my right to vote and the freedom of choice, or is it about who YOU want me to choose?

I am grateful for the right to vote, and for those who sacrificed so much so that I can have that right, but I believe a right to do something also gives you the same right to not do so. Is it really wrong if I choose not to vote? It’s my right. People want you to exercise your right to vote for ONE REASON: So that who they want to win, has a better shot at winning. Why should I be forced to vote if I can’t make a decision on who to vote for? I totally understand people that willfully choose to not vote, even though I will be voting.



I will not discuss who I am voting for and why on this blog, because it’s none of your business. I think the way people vote needs to be changed. No more “because my momma” votes. No more uneducated assumptions. We need to have the issues laid out clearly, and allow people to choose what’s best for them. What do you guys think? 



~ by swimwearian on October 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Who are you voting for?”

  1. Where did you find that photo? Gary Johnson for president!

  2. Swimwear….. speaking as a white man supporting Obama, you missed one big item…. great time to win money betting on Obama. I did in ’08, and just cleaned up again…. in fact this year was like betting on the Packers vs St. Ignatius (my old school) in the Super Bowl….. racism does pay sometimes…..old schooll mike…… and AJ, show me the ball in the corner !!!

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