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Whats goodie!!! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m back with another blog. I have a lot of venting to do so let’s get to it.


I love the Browns, like my own brother. Now that we got the positives out of the way I can get to the real meat. They STEEEEENK!!! Our O-Line Sucks, which means that no matter who we have at QB (except Mike Vick) they’re gonna suck. No big threat skill players to throw to, and we’re turning Josh Cribbs into a poor mans Kordell Stewart(Yall didn’t even remember who he was until i just said that name). I am convinced that the current Browns ownership is taking advantage of idiots like you and me. They KNOW we will sell out all our home games and that we will buy the merchandise regardless, so why would they invest money in the team to make it a winner? I have the solution: STRIKE!!! We should boycott the team until they put some DECENT players on the field!!! Give me some ideas on what we can do!!! COMMENT!!! We gotta do somethin man or else we will look like this year after year:


With the loss of LeBum, Gaymone Lames, the Cavs lost arguably the best player in the NBA. We may be mad that he left but no one can deny that he was a beast for us and gave us 7 good yrs. The “Decision” was a bad choice but besides that I have no beef with the guy for leaving.

WHAT I DO HAVE BEEF WITH is when the players left on the team say things publicly like THIS!!!!!! <—— CLICK HERE!

Mo Williams is the starting PG for this team and we all know losing Bron will hurt us a lot. But come on man!!! MAN UP!!! You sound like you walked in on your wife in the bed with your BROTHER!!!

1. I would NEVER give up $26 million because some other MAN (just like you’re supposed to be) took another job somewhere. In the immortal words of B-Brad “We all sweat the same man”.

2. Take this as an opportunity to become a better player and get your value up so that you can make more money.

3. Take it as a challenge and get MAD! not SAD 😦 !!! Go out there and try to destroy other teams and let them know just because Bron left, it doesn’t mean you did too, but from the looks of that article you’re attached to his sack and headed to South Beach!!

Honestly, what does that say to the rest of your teammates? I would be ready to punch you in the face if I knew you felt like that at training camp. I know Mike Brown was another factor in the feelings but STOP CRYING!!! Get up off the floor and play BALL!!!

Bishop Eddie Long:

I know most of you know about the allegations against the Bishop, and I won’t even go into them here. I just want to say remember that none of us knows for sure what happened. Also remember that we are all humans, and we make mistakes. God can forgive anyone of their sins (besides suicide) so it is not up to us to Judge. Of course the media is going to play it up because he was against Gay marriage and try to make it seem that the church is in shambles. Just remember that the true church exists inside the real believers of Christ. It’s not a building, or a denomination. Just follow the bible and you’ll be alright.

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Rukky Yurr

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What’s Goodie Swimwearians,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here writing. I been a lil busy. I wanted to give y’all a new post before the year was up. I’ve been in the studio a lot producing this album for my boy $clusifly with Hyde F Produxshunz. We been puttin in WORK SUN!!! I wanna let y’all know the album is kumin soon and we will blaze y’all with the hotness. Here’s the album cover of $clusifly….


Album Comin Soon



Crazy Month

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What’s goodie?!?!?! This has been a crazy period of time since I last blogged to you all. I’ve moved on up to the East Side deluxe apartment in the skies with this view……..

Lake View

Lake View

That’s how ya boy’s Q & AJ do it out here on these fools!

Michael Jackson Died and then everyone loved him again. Mike was a great artist but now people are acting like they weren’t trying to crucify his image before.  This is my tribute to Michael Jackson. My favorite song by him is “Human Nature” and my favorite video is “Whatzupwitu”. This is a song by Eddie Murphy featuring Mike. Not only was the song HORRIBLE (listen to the words), but this was the most NON-hetero thing I have ever seen.

Here is the link to “Whatzupwitu”



See, Mike would never touch boys, he had Eddie Murphy at his disposal!!!!!!

I’m just playin… RIP MJ

Plenty of new stories to come in the days ahead, until then, SWIMWEAR!

LeBron Vs. Kobe: Which MVP is Better

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What’s goodie swimwearians. I first wanna give a shout out to all the readers and say thanks for getting this blog over 3,000 hits so far. I don’t know who is reading this but whoever you are, thanks. Also I wanna give a shout out to Mike Reilly (old school mike) and his company (http://www.reillypainting.com/). Make sure you check that out.

Now Lets get to the subject matter. Lebron James will be named the MVP of the NBA season today (May4, 2009) at 4pm. Within the last two years, Kobe and Lebron’s careers have been pretty comparable. They are the consecutive MVP award winners, they are both olympic gold medalist and within the last 3 years, they have both led their teams to the NBA finals. LeBron finished 2nd this year in Defensive Player of the Year voting and led the Cavs to the Best record in the NBA and Last year Kobe led the Lakers to the NBA’s best record and finished in the top 5 of Defensive POTY voting. All of these stats mean NOTHING!

I wanna know what you the people think. Take the age factor away and all past accomplishments, I wanna know right now (May 4th 2009) who is a better basketball Player, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? Feel free to vote and leave lots of comments on this one. I wanna turn this entry into barbershop talk.


Q vs. Carl Winslow

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What’s goodie swimwearians. Man these have been a few eventful weeks since I last posted. I gotta give a shout out to the hometown Cavs for sweeping the Pistons. 12 more games to go.

Now lets get to the point of this post. My man Quinton Mathis Got into a fight with the real Carl Winslow. I’m talkin about the fat black dude from Family Matters that was a cop. Well, he still is a cop, and he works for the Cleveland Heights  Police Department. So me and Q were leaving my boy Sue Yongs house to head to Coventry to holla at the bars, SWIMWEAR! So we park in the lot, and Winslow and his crew are towing Q’s cousins Car even tho the wheels are locked. So Q yelled “Ay Winslow, wtf are you doing? Draggin my cuzzo’s wheels like that” So Winslow yells “Eddie?!?” because he thought I was Eddie Winslow and Q was Waldo. So I say “Naw CUZ, this ain’t Eddie. Chill out with that.” So then him and Q have words back and forth, Winslow was tellin Q to Shut up and Q kept replying “AIGHT WINSLOW, AIGHT WINSLOW” and all of a Sudden, Winslow Picked Q up:motivator3089928

So i dont know what to do. Q stole on Carl tho and dropped eeem. Then we hit up the bars and got at Laura and Judy. Only one missing was Steve. SWIMWEAR!!!

Who Looks Better….

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What’s goodie swimwearians. I had to post this blog to see what the rest of y’all think about this issue. I had a discussion with two gentleman about some certain women that we all think are attractive. These women are Lauren London, Meagan Good, and Christina Milian. All of these women are beautiful, but the order that we put them in from 1-3 differs. After a LONG discussion we came to no consensus, so I wanna know what you think.  Here are some pics of the three ladies…….

I want everybody that comes to this page to vote on who looks better between these three. I am going to remain unbiased until I get a lot of results but I DEFINITELY have one girl in mind. SWIMWEAR!

Whats Goodie

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What’s goodie! This is the official AJ & Q blog. We will be on this blog basically out here killin em and discussing issues that effect our lives from sports, to the ladies, to Gucci Mane. Let Me give you a little info on us in this first entry before we start to get into the good stuff.


  • Founding Father of Sigma Fly, CWRU Chapter
  • EE wit guacamole, stupid guacs on deck
  • Swimwearian
  • Ex-college Hooper AKA Shuttlesworth


  • Founding Father of Sigma Fly, CWRU Chapter
  • I’m not a business man, I’m a MIDS graduate
  • Swimwearian
  • Ex- College Hooper AKA Kelvin Garnett

Yeah I meant Kelvin Garnett cuz I’m not quite KG, and the Shuttlesworth reference is to He got Game.

More than likely, when we don’t blog about events and debate things, we will exaggerate stories that really happened in our lives to make them more funny. In the mean time and in between time, Sewn witchu.

Stay up

Stay up

Stay up,

Q & AJ